Too Good to Pass By


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Second Edition

How many people have fallen asleep or gotten drowsy while driving the Interstate Highway System?  The big, fast, convenient, wonderful interstates get us there quickly and safely but they also miss some of the best that Missouri has to offer. 

Too Good to Pass By takes you to the lesser-known places and points out the rich and colorful experiences that wait for us away from the main roads.  When was the last time you visited a grist mill or an airplane museum?  We have some great ones!  Missouri’s landscape is covered with interesting giants and some tiny things too.  Even some of the graves are unique. 

From a six-story goose to the world’s smallest couple.  From the Giant’s Head to Pete Kibble’s foot.  From rock eggs to Arrow Rock.  Learn where to ride ferry boats, and visit farms, and how to see the big cities for free.  Missouri is fun, historic, and inviting.  This Missouri author tells about some of the least-known and best places for your side trips and day trips.  He even suggests the prettiest highways to get you there.

So, pull up your favorite chair, turn on your reading lamp, catch some crawdads, walk some bridges, learn some fascinating history, and see some beautiful sights.  Most of all, meet some of Missouri’s nicest people who will welcome the chance to show you their lesser-known attractions.  Happy traveling! 


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