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For every copy purchased of Extreme Valor on our website, we will contribute five dollars to the Tiny Homes Project for homeless veterans.

Do you know that two musicians from Missouri have been awarded the Medal of Honor for their heroic deeds?  They put down their instruments and charged into danger.

Do you realize that one of Missouri’s Medal of Honor Winners was twelve-years-old when he enlisted and fourteen when he earned his Medal?  In fact, two fourteen-year-olds and one fifteen-year-old from Missouri earned the Medal of Honor!

Have you heard about those unmarried soldiers from Missouri who formed a suicide unit known officially as “Forlorn Hope?”

The resolute people in this book are some of the most interesting that you could ever meet!   Get to know them as the award-winning writer, Ross Malone, introduces not just the heroics in the air, on the seas, and on the battlefields, but in their hometowns as well.  You will be amazed and inspired.


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