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Not your usual Christmas stories – Certainly not children’s stories.  Some of these are a little quirky and off-beat.  They are, however, meaningful and important to those of us who love Christmas.  They cause us to reconsider today’s version of Advent and the Nativity.  Aren’t most of us missing the point?  Or is it still there – under all the tinsel?

In this book you will find marines on their troop train who experience Christmas Eve on a frozen prairie.  A family experiences something profoundly meaningful aboard a cruise ship.  A German prisoner of war will experience Christmas at one of our Midwestern prison camps during World War II. 

If you have ever experienced the hardscrabble life in the Ozarks, you will relate to Christmas on Baptist Hill. Everyone can understand the story of The Silver Bike in which a small boy has been so good that he is certain that Santa will bring the two-wheeled treasure. His waitress mother however, has no money for such a purchase. 

Spend Christmas with a family at the airport waiting for loved ones on a plane that crashes in Wyoming. Visit your great-granddaughter’s Christmas in 2092. You’ll laugh and hopefully be inspired when the town drunk comes to church to ask some important questions about Christmas. This is one of several stories based on true incidents. 

When you read the stories, you’ll be glad you did. 
Happy gifting and Merry Christmas!


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